SPEAK (2016)

by Never I

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Never I: Speak Re-release (2016)


released May 30, 2016

Never I is:
Ian Powell (vocals)
Hayden Myers (guitar)
Connor Vogt (guitar)
Dakota Boelte (bass)
Clint Hughes (drums)

Additional Credits:
Track 2: Vocals by TommyZane & Jeff Long
All Tracks: Drums performed by Arun Bose & recorded by Jeff Long @ Trapdoor Recordings (2014)

All Songs Recorded by Connor Vogt (2016)
All Songs Mixed/Mastered by Wes Lauterbach (2016)

R.I.P. Bizkit



all rights reserved


Never I Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Before You Were The Gleam In Your Father's Eye
Get him. He’s a killer with words and a victim to power. What a shame to speak of. She’s a rose. What a perfect example of bleeding for pleasure. Pick up your face from the floor.
Reflections show that the place that you called home is now bitter and cold. You found yourself numb. Too close to hell, too far from home. And the roads, they stay closed.
Searching for something else. I can’t find it in myself.
There’s no peace inside my head. I’ve gone too far from myself. Become someone else and they say the devil comes disguised. Well I’m wearing a mask. Killing myself to be someone else. I’m wearing the mask. Cover my face. Hide from my fate. Disguise.
There’s a sour taste on my tongue and a scream for anything. I’m misunderstood. It's all that I can speak.
I still see myself a disaster. Running from shadows as they start to come to life. Overwhelmed by the thought of being this hollow.
There’s a sour taste on my tongue and a scream for anything. I’m misunderstood. It's all that I can speak. I wish that I was honest so I didn’t have to swear but I swear I’ll speak louder than words.
The inner me is my enemy. Get him.
Track Name: The Gentle Wind That Tears Down The House
Keep your eyes on the street. White knuckles staring back at me. This wind, this violent breeze. Breathe in and keep on breathing.
Lungs collapse under the pressure of an article that bleeds. Those words still screaming at me.
Hear the sirens. She’s dancin’ with her ghost in a red dress fit for a killer. A body lies on the floor.
Your aching heart in a chair: a bottle and a pen. Scratching letters to a love that might have been.
Lungs collapse under the pressure of an article that bleeds. Those words still screaming at me.
Haunted visions: Your silhouette is staring right through me. There’s so much left to say. I watched you fade away. The image is burned in my eyes. I’d give up everything to look at you one last time.
A body lies on the floor in a red dress fit for a killer.
Track Name: Be It Ever So Humble,
Kill me and the messenger he spoke in tongues and lied through teeth. See how I fall down his path and fail to follow my own feet. I’m lost.
My heart is half my own and half my shallow grave. This heavy blanket keeps me honest.
Oh G-d, can You pull me out? My G-d, Can You pull me out of this mess? Emerge and see. You can figure it out. To light the dark. To see the way it was supposed to be.
Oh, what a way with words. This couldn’t get any worse. My hands are shaking and I’m giving up.
Before I give myself to the earth, I surrender.
Track Name: There's No Place Like Home.
[Just as my denial or ignorance of the existence of an earthly power will avail me nothing even so my denial of G-d and His law will not liberate me from its operation, whereas humble and mute acceptance of divine authority makes life's journey easier even as the acceptance of earthly rule makes life under it easier.] - Mahatma Gandhi's speech at Kingsley Hall (1931)

Almighty voice in the sky why have I never even heard You speak? I really want to believe You're there so open up, my G-d, and show me that You're listening. Please G-d. Please show me that You are listening.
"My child this is only the beginning of a never ending Love. Your faith is rewarded by grace and by grace you take your place with me."
Father I've never seen, could You make me a miracle from scratch
and bring fresh air for me to breathe? Because recently I haven't felt Your “Love” help me. In fact I haven't felt a single thing.
"To plant a seed and see you standing tall. I’ll be the light. I’m here to help you grow and I know these clouds, they cast a shadow, but I refuse to see you fall. I’m the lighthouse through every storm, so when the tides cave in you’ll find yourself in my arms, my son. These nights grow dark but I’ll keep you from harm. I’m the light. The light that always brings you home." Father, bring me Home.